The Klondike Express at a Glacier

Welcome to Alaska ~ Scientific 2013

Phillips Cruises & Tours has a spectacular day of glaciers, wildlife and amazing scenery in store for you aboard our 26 Glacier Cruise on May 20th, 2013. Reserve your seat today by calling 1-800-544-0529.

Picture of boat with Glacier

Cruise the world's most spectacular glaciers and wildlife aboard the fastest, largest and most luxurious catamaran in Alaska, the m/v Klondike Express. Our large picture windows, spacious heated cabins and multiple outside viewing decks allow every one of our guests to see the wonders of Prince William Sound during our journey into Esther Passage and Harriman Fjord.

Educational and Fun

Our captain and crew are excited to share their knowledge of the Sound with you, providing interesting narration about the history, geography, wildlife and glaciers that you will experience.


The 26 Glacier Cruise, travels over 145 miles into Prince William Sound where you will see 26 named glaciers which includes several Alpine, Piedmont and Tidewater glaciers. We get face to face with these towering masses of ice, so close you can hear the glaciers snap, crackle and pop before the calve into the sea as you gaze at their brilliant blue hues.


It is not just about the ice, it is also very common to view sea otters, harbor seals, porpoises, Stellar sea lions, Dall porpoise, humpback whales and orcas during the cruise. You may also spot bear, mountain goats and bald eagles. At the end of the trip we stop at a bird rookery which is home to thousands of Kittiwakes who next on jagged rocky outcroppings.

Description: Tidewater Glacier

Scientific 2013 Package

26 Glacier Cruise w/ Rail & coach transfers
$204.00+ $19.95 t/f = $223.95

  • 8:30 AM pick up Millineum Hotel
  • 9:00 AM check in at Alaska Railroad
  • 9:45 AM depart Alaska Railroad depot Anchorage to Whittier
  • 12:05 PM arrive Whittier and check in for cruise
  • 12:30 PM 26 Glacier Cruise Departs, lunch served on board
  • 5:30 PM 26 Glacier Cruise Returns
  • 6:45 PM Alaska Railroad Whittier to Anchorage (dinner not included)
  • 9:15 PM Arrive Anchorage
  • 9:15 PM Coach transfer rail depot to Millineum Hotel

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