Picture of Glacier

Glacier Quest Cruise

The Glacier Quest is your quickest way to see the massive tidewater glaciers of Alaska. Enjoy the towering cliffs, sea birds and otters. Watch for wildlife on the shore too, as your captain guides the boat across pristine waters to Blackstone and Beloit glacier, some of the most amazing sights you will ever see.

M/V Glacier Quest

Our newest addition to the fleet, this 80 foot catamaran holds 149 passengers on 3 decks, two of which are enclosed and heated with an inside seat and table for every passenger on board. The Glacier Quest is a non-smoking vessel. However, we have designated a small exterior area where smoking will be permitted during times that the vessel is underway.

Comfortable upholstered booths with tables are available for all passengers and the large picture windows provide a view from every seat. A saloon, snack bar, gift shop and three restrooms are a few of the other amenities available to our Glacier Quest passengers.

Cruise with a National Forest Service Ranger

Photo of a Hat

All of our cruises are narrated by a Chugach National Forest Service Ranger. They provide an insider’s view of this area and are available all day to teach you about the natural history of the area. They’ll also work with the kids on the popular “Junior Ranger” program. Always a hit! Please note: Ranger program begins approximately June 1st. Prior to June 1st, narration provided by trained and professional Captain and Crew.

Complimentary Hot Lunch!

Photo of the Lunch

We never charge extra.... lunch is on us! You can choose one of the following options:

  • The favorite choice: Fish and Chips! Panko Crusted Baked Wild Alaska Cod served with chips and our own freshly prepared coleslaw.

  • Chicken All white meat chicken breast tenderloins served with chips and a side of our delicious coleslaw.

  • Vegetarian/Gluten-Free: Teriyaki bowl with tofu, vegetables and brown rice served with rice pudding and a side of our freshly prepared coleslaw.*

    * Please note the coleslaw contains egg in dressing.

  • Kids meal: All beef hotdog, fruit cup and chips.

Note: If no meal is selected at the time of reservation, the Fish and Chips entree' will be provided.

Our snack bar, full service saloon and gift selection are available throughout your voyage. Sip your favorite Alaskan Beer, wine or cocktail while enjoying a front row seat on your ultimate Alaskan adventure.
Warm your spirits with one of our signature hot drinks or freshen up with our very own Glacier Ice Margarita.
Buy a cute otter for the grandkids back home!

No Sea Sickness – Guaranteed

No Seasickness Picture

With the combination of our stable catamaran, the M/V Glacier Quest, and the protected waters of Prince William Sound – we guarantee a trip without sea sickness or your money back. If you’re concerned about motion sickness in the least, we’re the choice for you!


Sea Otter
Photo of sea otter

These playful little guys are often found throughout Black Stone Bay where glaciers from long ago have left an underwater shallow area that is prime for feeding. The otter, known for it’s rich pelt has no blubber like other marine mammals to keep them warm, and relies on a rich seafood diet, high metabolism, and constantly refreshing the air bubbles in its fur for warmth. Otters are known for being one of the only animals that use tools, having been seen using rocks and the like to break open shells while feeding.

Orca/Killer Whales
Photo of orca whales

This member of the dolphin family can be seen throughout the sound. The more docile orca whales are known as resident orcas and travel in large family groups or pods and feed on the salmon runs that make their way into Prince William Sound. They can be playful, and are often very curious. The transient orca whales feed on marine mammals such as seals and sea lions, and are not easily spotted, as they tend to be more stealthy. The resident pods can be spotted by the massive dorsal fins above the water as they travel, sometimes reaching up to six feet in height.

Other Wildlife
Photo of whales tail

Keep a keen eye out for humpback whales, bears, mountain goats, sea lions and Dall's porpoise as you cruise the bay. While at the glaciers, it is common to see seals on top of the icebergs around the boat, and eagles are ever present in Black Stone Bay. We’ll do our best to point them out to you, but often rely on you, our guests as well to spot these critters as we travel.